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Log Splitter

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Product Description

ProManPTO’s incredible hydraulic log splitter features a massive 5” cylinder that delivers tremendous splitting power. Combine this with our bi-directional cutting wedge and you have one of the most powerful and efficient compact log splitters available today. The ProManPTO splitter is made from extremely heavy gauge steel and the power of hydraulics make it the top choice if you are looking for both speed and durability. Oh, one more thing, you won’t have to listen to the deafening sound of a four-stroke gasoline engine as the splitter’s power comes straight from your fully muffled ATV or UTV via our revolutionary PTO system.

Bi-Directional Splitting Wedge

Bi-Directional Splitting Wedge

Dual Action Splitter

Bi-directional cutting wedge more than doubles your output as there is no down time waiting for the hydraulic cylinder to retract after each cycle.

Massive 5 inch Cylinder

Massive 5 inch Cylinder

Massive 5” Cylinder

Cylinder size is directly related to the force that a splitter can produce. Most of our competitors use a small 3” cylinder which simply won’t stand the test of time when you are doing real work.

No Noisy Engine!

No Noisy Engine!

Hydraulic Power No Gas Engine

With ProManPTO’s system attached to your Quad or Side-by-Side you can now take the power of hydraulics directly to the work site! Better yet, you won’t have to listen to a screaming four-stroke engine anymore while you are splitting!

Cylinder Size 5 Inch Diameter
Pressure Relief Integrated Pressure Relief System
Max. Log Length 20 in. (508 mm)
Average Cycle Time 5 Seconds (Bi-Directional)
Dimensions 80L x 39W x 32H
Bed Height 25 in.
Wedge Height 7 in.
Wedge Width 1 in. (25mm)
Log Trays 27.45in (697mm) L x 11.45in (290mm)
Tires 16″ dia. x 4.25″ wide pneumatic
Jackstand Yes
Weight 450 lbs

How does the bi-directional splitting wedge help?
On a single direction splitter you must wait to load your next log while the wedge slowly retracts into its ready position. With the bi-directional wedge you split in both directions so there is no waiting time for the wedge to get back into position. This technology effectively doubles the speed in which you can get your work done and move on to other chores.

Which side of your splitter can I work from?
One of the great things about our splitter is you can work from either side of the unit since there is no engine strapped to one side of it. This comes in handy if you prefer to use a particular hand on the controls when operating our splitter.

What does the 5” cylinder do for me?
Most compact splitters are outfitted with a 3” cylinder which many times won’t get the job done. As with all of our other implements we want you to be happy with the performance and not groaning because the splitter couldn’t handle the harder wood that you might be throwing at it. This unit is built to professional grade standards to ensure years of productive splitting.

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