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Cool Minder Fan Reverser

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ProManPTO’s patent pending Fan Reverser automatically helps keep your vehicles radiator clear of dust and debris allowing your ATV or UTV to run cooler.  Simply unplug the radiator fan’s connector and plug the Cool Minder in line and forget about it.  When the thermostat starts the vehicle’s cooling fan, ProManPTO’s patented micro-electronic brain is pre-programmed to automatically reverse the radiator fans direction for several seconds to blow out debris and dust build up. The program then winds the fan down to a stop and reverses the fan to continue thru its normal cooling cycle; this entire sequence then repeats automatically.

All of our fan reversers have custom connectors for specific applications by brand of ATV or UTV so there is no cutting or splicing of wires; simply unplug the fan connection and plug our Cool Minder in line and forget about it!

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Why do I need this on my vehicle?
Your fan is sucking in an enormous amount of air through your radiator and along with it dust and chaff. This debris inhibits your cooling system from functioning at its highest capacity so, depending on the environment you ride or work in, you should periodically clear your radiator. The Cool Minder helps do that automatically so you can keep playing or working.

How does the reverser work?
A microelectronic brain is pre-programmed to start the fan in the blow-out cycle out then stops, reverses and starts the cooling cycle; this happens automatically!

Is the installation difficult?
The Cool Minder product is plug and play so all you need to do is unplug your connector from the fan and install ours in line via the custom connectors that are wired to each unit.


Polaris, Kawasaki, Yamaha/Suzuki

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